9 Interesting Pedestrian Bridge Designs From Around The World

Pedestrian bridges or more commonly known as footbridges offer great access for pedestrians and cyclists by linking two distinct areas such as roads, mountainous terrain, rivers etc. Since time immemorial, these bridges have facilitated safe movement and with changing technology, these bridges have witnessed great improvements in terms of design, strength, structure and material used. Footbridges play a huge role in lifting the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, so modern designers have turned them into pieces of structural art and not just a simple structure linking two areas. At some places, these footbridges are just used to decoratively link two areas in a city. They are also located to let pedestrians cross roads without slowing down or disrupting the traffic such as pedestrian bridges near schools. Also some footbridges are made as such to ease the movement of workers to a part otherwise difficult to reach. These bridges are known as catwalks and are found in theatres and refineries.

15 Vegetables Magically Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

It might sound surprising but the fact is that most of the vegetables we eat can be easily re-grown in our kitchen from scraps. Although the process is easy, it requires some time and patience. But, it will prevent wastage of food and will also help in saving money along with the benefit of fresh and pesticide free vegetables. So it not only is pocket-friendly but is also a very healthy substitute for many vegetables that are bought from the market. So instead of throwing away the scrap pieces into the dustbin, a smart alternative is to re-grow fresh vegetables from it. Also, the quality of the re-grown vegetables highly depends on the quality of the scrap from which it is being grown. So, it is preferred to use organic, chemical-free vegetables for this purpose.

10 Excellent Examples of Outdoor Shower Designs

If there is one thing that is better than a cool shower, it is an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower is a luxury that is amazingly fun and soothing. You can rinse off all the dirt and exhaustion under the moon and stars, with natural bounty all around. There are various designs that are available for outdoor shower designs, mainly metallic and wooden enclosures in the open. You can achieve a minimalist design as well, which will set the mood to harmony, or go for a rustic design in your backyard, with grass to embrace your feet.

19 Cute and No-money Ideas to Label the Garden Plants

A garden can be made attractive not only by beautiful flowers and ornamental plants but also by other unique decorations such as a pebbled garden path, a small fountain or even a stone bench. Another way to brighten up and decorate your garden is to have plant markers or labels which can also be used as plant ornaments. These markers are very inexpensive and easy to make and look very adorable. They can be made from repurposing or reusing everyday items like pebbles, wine corks, twigs, can lids or even broken pots. 

Top 10 Opera Houses in the World

Witnessing a performance at an opera house is a treat for all the senses. Their appeal lies not only in the magnificent performances but also in their decor, architecture and the atmosphere of the place. It is certainly a magical experience. Apart from being a treat for all classical music lovers, opera houses are historical and architectural wonders which are worth visiting even if you are not a music enthusiast ans they are something every city is proud to have. So, visiting an opera house must be on everyone’s checklist! Here are some of the most exquisite and world-famous opera houses which have been every traveller’s delight:

St. Augustine School by Acton Ostry

What can be the best part about going to school? For me it was the Games period and for you, it might be the library. But for some the best part of being in school is to read the inspirational quotes on the walls, especially on brick walls that have been restructured into an architectural framework that is high on a mixture of tradition and modernism. Acton Ostry has done so with St. Augustine school. After all, what could be more interesting than restructuring a school in a way that would roll heads.

13 Awesome Furniture Designs That Have Built-In Space For Plants

We're always told to be more eco-friendly and save Mother Nature, since childhood, almost! But let's face it, living in metropolitan cities, it’s difficult to grow plants and trees. We don’t usually have a garden or enough space for it, and even if there's space, our fast paced lives often cause us to forget watering and taking care of them. But what if we could grow plants at home, without taking up any extra effort and space, just using the existing furniture? Sounds amazing, right?
So, here are 13 design tweaks you could do to your furniture which could result in a wonderful design element as well as a place for plants to grow!
*Make notes, folks!*

3 Design Lessons from New York's First Micro Apartments

Over the last few decades, the cost for investing in a real estate property has drastically increased and thus, many major cities in the world face a shortage of houses for the helpless people, due to the whopping price they charge.

16 Easy Ideas to Use Everyday Stuff in Kitchen Organization

For most of the families, entertainment and food travel side by side. This journey starts right from the cooking place which means that one needs to have a neat and clean kitchen. Such a kitchen could also be a great shining example for relatives and friends who might come over and admire your kitchen organizing abilities. Using the entire space necessary for your small kitchen can help you to store and make use of every nook and cranny in a proper manner.
There are certain simple and easy to do ideas that could be made use of, to help one organize and maximize the storage space which would enhance and keep your kitchen in order. These ways are simple, quick and should be a priority of one so that you could keep the best part of your house- the kitchen, a clean place. After all, one has to take care of the Food that is stored in there. No one would want to eat from a place where everything is dirty and in mess.

13 Easy Hacks to Make Your House More Eco-Friendly

When you think of *eco-friendly*, what comes to your mind? Paper plates, jute bags, glass, cloth? Basically anything safe for the environment that can be degraded by bacteria. Keeping this in mind, did you know that most of the things you use at home severely damage the environment and can be replaced with more environmental friendly items that are just as good?
So, here are 13 excellent examples of eco-friendly changes you can make in your house, that will help you do your bit for the environment while making no compromises on quality.

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