Shanghai Tower, World's Second Tallest Builsing Under Construction, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Tower in the shanghai skyline
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Shanghai Tower is one of the tallest towers under construction right now. It's located in the Lujiazui section of the city's Pudong district, right next to the World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower. Architects are the worldwide famous Gensler Architects.

When finished, Shanghai Tower should be the second tallest tower in the world, right next to Burj Khalifa. The 121-story, 632 metres (2,073 ft) tower will feature office space, luxury residences, a high-end hotel, retail space, restaurants and a public observatory. The development will be separated into nine distinct bioclimatic zones, with each having its own atrium, lush gardens, indoor air controls and panoramic 360° views of China's largest and most populous metropolis.

Featuring a soft triangular shape, the tower rotates as it juts skyward and concludes with an open-top design. As the shape rises, a "strike" or open notch curves up and around the building which is an engineering feature to control the wind up and away from the building.

Completion date is set to 2014.

Check out Shanghai Tower Construction progress from July here.

Shanghai Tower November construction update here. 

Shanghai Tower with Jin Mao Tower And World Financial Centre
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Shanghai Tower with Shanghai in the background as seen from the plain
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Shanghai Tower at night as seen from the air
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Rendering of sky garden interior in Shanghai Tower
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Rendering of inner and outer layer of facade at Shanghai Tower
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Rendering of Shanghai Tower's base and podium
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