Four Seasons Hotel and Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

After exotic vacation beach resorts on islands, all over the oceans, beaches, palms and boats, we are going to Thailand. Four Seasons Hotel and Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand is a dream place just an hour from the busy streets of Bangkok, Thailand's cultural capital. 

Chiang Mai is in the heart of an area once known as the Lanna Kingdom, meaning “the land of a million rice fields.” While its vibrant blend of cultures gives the area a distinctive charm, the landscape is still covered with vivid green rice fields. Chiang Mai is often fondly called the Rose of the North for its beauty and spirit.

Luxury resorts around the Chiang Mai can offer you private dining at the rice barn, golf in the highlands, elephant camp, and much more. Meeting local people in the city’s handicraft centres and centuries-old temples, one finds it easy to feel their sense of sanuk – which means “fun” in Thai – as they welcome visitors with an attitude that is both warm and captivating.

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