Possible New York's tallest that no one knows about

That's right! You see that hole down there? This is the address of New York's tallest or second tallest building, from now under construction.

432 Park Avenue, where former Drake Hotel used to stand is now construction site covered with mystery. No renderings are released, minimum talking about it in media, no one knows what's going on. We are still waiting for an official announcement. But we'll tell you. Behind that tall solid fence there's a deep hole. Few excavators and a single crane are working together, preparing the site for this monster to rise.

New building, designed by worldwide famous architect Rafael Vinoly is called 432 Park Avenue, just like its address. It's a residential building, 425m (1,395ft) tall. It's roof will be higher than 1 World Trade Center's roof (419m/1,375ft). Depends whether 1WTC's spire will be counted in its height or not, 432 Park Avenue could take the crown. In either case, it will be the tallest residential building in the city and one of the tallest residential in the whole world.

If you're interested in following this building, there's a live webcam on site. You can follow the progress here.

Below are some of the materials we collected about this mysterious building so far.

Stay tuned for more information!

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