World One, Mumbai

World One is planned to be the tallest or second tallest residential tower in the world. Depends on financial situation in Dubai. Why? Read more...

World One is a 442m (1450ft) building currently under construction in Mumbai, India. Designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners it's the tallest of 3 buildings under construction right now. It will house about 300 super luxury homes, including three and four bedroom residences, villas with own private pools and a limited number of luxury mansions as well. With 442m and 117 floors it will be the tallest building in India. Being the world's tallest residential tower depends on Pentominium Tower in Dubai.

Pentominium Tower in Dubai is already above ground and it's set to rise 516m (1693ft) with 122 floors. But after recent financial breakdown in Dubai, Pentominum went on hold. And it's on hold since then.

World One Tower is set to be completed in 2015. World's tallest residential or world's second tallest residential. We'll see.

Construction pictures by Savz: widget