Top 10 Most Viewed Projects On World Of Architecture In 2012

Picture made of 10 smaller photos of the most viewed projects in 2012

This is our first "fresh year start" and we decided to take a look back to the previous year and list the most viewed projects. Although we're still "baby" on the internet, these 8 months behind us were amazing and we are very thankful to every visitor that came to our website. Here is 10 most viewed and popular projects on World of Architecture. Enjoy.

#1 Famous celebrity house, Kim Kardashian's home in Beverly Hills, California. 

Picture of celebrity house as seen from the driveway
Kim Kardashian home, Beverly Hills, California

#2 New L'Oreal office building by IAMZ Design Studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Picture of an impressive lowrise building as seen at night from across the street
New L'Oreal Office Building by IAMZ Design Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
© IAMZ Design Studio

#3 Property Search took us to the luxury penthouse in Ritz Carlton Dallas, Texas.

Picture of outdoor terrace of the penthouse in Ritz Carlton
Property Search: Penthouse In Ritz Carlton Dallas, Texas
© courtesy of Jameslist

#4 Another celebrity house, Justin Bieber's home in California

Picture of modern house with the pool as seen from the upper floor
Justin Bieber Home in California
© America's Real Estate Portal

#5 World's narrowest house, built in Warsaw, Poland

Picture of narrow bed in the world's narrowest house
World's Narrowest House interior, Keret House, Warsaw, Poland
© Dom Kereta/Polish Modern Art Foundation

#6 Sky City project in Changsha, the skyscraper which took a lot of attention because of its ambitious plan to became new world's tallest building in only 3 months!

Picture of the model revealing
Sky City Changsha, China

#7 Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The first skyscraper which will brake 1km mark into the sky and became world's tallest building. Foundation work is under way at the moment.

Picture of the new skyscraper as seen from the air above the lake
World's Tallest Building: Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#8 Safe House by KWK Promes in Warsaw, Poland. Probably the safest house in the world!

Picture of modern house as seen from the lawn
Safe House by KWK Promes, Warsaw, Poland
© Aleksander Rutkowski

#9 One of the most impressive dream homes published here, incredible Lam House by Nico van der Meulen Architects in South Africa.

Picture of the living room inside of dream home in South Africa
Dream home called Lam House by Nico van der Meulen Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa
© Barry Goldman / David Ross

#10 The Glass Pavilion, also known as the most minimalist house ever built.

Picture of small minimalist modern house with glass walls
The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann In California
© William MacCollum widget