Is This The Best Penthouse In New York City?

Living room with mirrored stainless steel slide and huge tv

Wow! First of all, let us mention what is so awesome about this penthouse. Well, it's located on the roof of the building which used to be neighbor of the world's tallest building. It's fourplex penthouse. It has climbing wall inside. It has an amazing slide spanning through four floors. It has glass floors.

Sounds like a dream home, huh? The building in not tall, you won't see rooftops of the tallest New York's skyscrapers from this penthouse. Yet this building was part of the neighborhood with the world's tallest building. It was built back in the 1896. and it's one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers in New York City.

Private elevator takes those lucky residents on the attic penthouse called Sky House, 20 floors above the street. Interiors are designed in minimalist style focused on white color and glass surfaces fulfilled with different colored focal points like entrance doors modern furniture, climbing wall or mirror polished stainless steel four floor tall slide. The whole interior work is done by the David Hoston Architect in collaboration with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design.

Anyway, take a look at those beautiful photos and let us know, in your opinion, is this the best penthouse in New York City?

Orange entrance doors and white hallway

Portraits on the white penthouse walls

Small roof window in the penthouse

Person on the climbing wall

Parson hanging from the fourth floor

White penthouse walls and glass railings

Minimalist penthouse living room with black horse lamp

Mirrored slide in the living room

Slide wall and green chair in the living room

Curved mirrored slide

Living room as seen from the slide

A kid going out of the slide

Slid eon the upper floor

Colorful drawing on the white wall

Mirrored slide and colorful paintings

Small penthouse bedroom

Small window in the bedroom and portrait on the wall

Narrow bridge on the upper floor

Small working corner by the window

Small reading corner by the window

Glass table by the window

Narrow penthouse hallway

Modern white reading corner

Small interior balcony

Climbing wall in the penthouse

Climbing wall from the upper floor

Person climbing on the wall

Small bedroom window

Attic floor in the penthouse

Small balcony inside of the penthouse

Slide entrance on the attic floor

Kids entering the slide

Modern attic floor

Glass floor on the attic floor

Building where the penthouse is located

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