Modern Architecture By Zaha Hadid Architects

Amazing modern complex by the river as seen from the air

Fresh project! For everyone who is following this incredible Pritzker prize winner and her team of talented architects, here's something new. Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre renderings went public and of course, we are talking about amazing modern architecture in their recognizable style.

Incredible futuristic complex by the river will house beautiful Grand Theatre, Contemporary Art Museum, Multipurpose Hall, bars, restaurants, lobbies and other facilities needed to fulfill this modern complex with 1800 seats.

What to say about the architecture? The whole complex is designed to scream "modern architecture". Lines running in every possible direction, forming an impressive shapes in order to allow this dynamic public flow to connect the whole complex. In short, Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre can be described as functionality, elegance and innovation mixed together creating the new cultural and civic center of Changsha and China in general as well.

Modern architecture by Zaha Hadid Architects

Modern white buildings located by the river

Amazing futuristic complex as seen from the air

Modern lobby with people at night

modern lobby with transparent roof

Balconies and curves in the modern lobby interior

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