Modern Architecture Defining Contemporary Lifestyle In Spain

Single story modern home with the pool

Let's go to Spain! This lovely single family modern home is designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura. It's located on the hillside terrain leading down to the sea. Being built outside of the city, this interesting piece of modern architecture offers peaceful atmosphere which significantly contributes to the contemporary lifestyle.

What we really love about this modern home is that special atmosphere defined by the stone walls, wooden floors and large glassy windows and walls put together in order to achieve this contemporary vibe. Since the floor plan asked for a single story parts of this modern home, architects used that opportunity to design those parts of the house with an open roof which completely removes the feeling of an ordinary home.

Add in there some green plants and beautiful large swimming pool and you get an amazing residential modern architecture, don't you think?

Stone wall of a modern home

Covered terrace by the pool

Modern home in the mountains

Modern home from the pool

White bench on the terrace

Minimalist hallway with glassy railing

Modern bed on the terrace

White modern furniture on the terrace

Glassy walls in the house

Vegetation on the wooden floor

Green bushes in the glass cube

Minimalist kitchen furniture

Modern living room

View from the bed

Wooden minimalist staircase

Minimalist bathroom

Wooden planks on the wall

Large sofa in the living room

Two story home from the outside

Interiors during the sunset

Modern home by the sunset

Modern home and the terrace by the pool

Site plan of the modern home

Floor plans of the modern home

Photos by © Mayte Piera widget