Dream House In The Wild - House Tsi by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Modern house lit up at night

This is what happens when owner of huge site (10,000 sqm/~2,5 acres) hires talented architects to build him beautiful dream house in the wild. Nico van der Meulen Architects designed amazing House Tsi in Mooikloof, near city of Pretoria in South Africa.

As we heard from the architects, owner requested visually extraordinary house with one very important feature, indoor swimming pool. "The relaxed attitude of the client and the large site (10 000m²/~2.5 acres) provided the architects with a golden opportunity to explore the home three-dimensionally with advanced 3D computer software, and fuse the programmatic requirements into the 3D model. The outcome was a design where form meets function. Enhancing the structure are the incorporation of sun-orientation, circulation, open-plan living areas, view orientation and privacy."

An amazing dream house in the wild, perfectly fits into South African landscape. It's simply perfect for people who love to experience the nature, far away from concrete jungles but still keep this feeling of contemporary architecture around them.

"The interior design team from M Square Lifestyle Design ensured that finishes and fittings accentuated the architecture of the home. All fittings were specifically designed and made to suit the architecture of the house. “The interior reflects the exterior with intersecting planes creating points of interest. The exposed steel roof trusses, steel I-beams, and the bent steel staircase tie the interior with the exterior and refer to the quasi industrial aesthetic of the home,” explains Phia van der Meulen of M Square Lifestyle Design."

Front side of the modern house lit up at night

Modern house entrance at night

Second level of the house lifted on concrete columns

Backyard of the modern house

Landscape design in South Africa

Fountain in the backyard

Fountain and pond in the backyard

Modern interiors of the house in the wild

Modern house interiors

Open dining room in the modern house

View  from the kitchen

Dining and living room of the modern house

Black steel staircase in the modern house

Dining table on the terrace

Open living room with high ceilings

Living room with dining room and staircase

Wall made of rocks in the steel cage

Modern dining table decoration

Modern living room with glass wall

Indoor swimming pool in the modern house

Indoor swimming pool with open walls

Ground floor with the swimming pool

Swimming pool on the ground floor

Modern kitchen in the modern house

Sculptures around the swimming pool

Modern minimal bedroom

Edge of the swimming pool

Modern bathtub in the bathroom

Purple lit up bathroom

Ground floor plan of the house in the wild

First floor plan of the house in the wild

All photos © David Ross

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