Impressive Modern Villa F Overlooking The Greek Archipelago

First floor of modern villa with swimming pool and open living and dining room at night

Hornung and Jacobi Architecture office designed this impressive modern Villa F for Rhodes, Greece. It is modern holiday home imagined as something that is rarely seen.

Villa F is designed for a couple who wants to house some guests from time to time. Main entrance is located in the garage located inside of the stone wall which follows the road. Floor above the garage is open area with large swimming pool, living room and dining room offering breathtaking views of the sea. Bedroom with the glass wall and balcony is located on the third floor above the swimming pool, while the area above living room is left open.

"The site of the holiday home in Rhodes, Greece yet possess characteristics and outstanding qualities, which we only attempted to frame with our design. The site is located three meters above a coastal road, which is bordered by a natural stonewall that has been equally continued for our proposal. On the one hand the continuation of the found wall generates a high level of privacy, while on the other hand it relates to the given situation, which we were tempted to preserve as much as possible."

Stone wall with modern villa built above it

Open garage inside of the stone wall with white car parked inside

First floor terrace with the ocean view

Guest house by the main house

First floor from the swimming pool

Interior of the modern villa

Staircase to the second floor

Bedroom with the glass wall and ocean view

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Third floor plan

Roof floor plan

Section drawing of the modern villa

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