Is This The Best Dream Home Ever?

Modern dream home built on the cliff above the ocean surrounded by green vegetation

I would say yes. It is the best dream home I've seen so far. But it get's even better. It's located on Ibiza island in Spain. What else? It's for sale! How much? Almost $23 400 000. Whoa! Yeah, that's €18 000 000.

A lot of money for single family home. But have in mind it has 22 bedrooms and 24 full bathrooms. Don't know how big exactly that family has to be. Anyway, it's a dream home, built right on the cliffs above the ocean, surrounded by the beautiful green Mediterranean vegetation, palms, cricket sounds and waves smashing in the cliffs.

The house has 4 floors with open floor plan, which really allows you to enjoy this whole Mediterranean atmosphere. There's huge swimming pool with breathtaking views of other islands and the ocean, tennis court and an amazing old light house.

When I sent this dream home to my friend, he said "naah, I can't tie my yacht to it...". I replied "if you could ever afford this you would probably have helicopter on your yacht, so there won't be any problem." But looks like there is place for boats down there, connected to house with hundred of concrete stairs placed down the cliff.

So, how do you like this dream hme? Have you seen beter one?  

Three story modern home with huge swimming pool

White and brown furniture inside of the dream home

Champagne by the pool

Huge swimming pool with the view

Mediterranean furniture in the house

Walkway above the swimming pool

Balconies and terraces on the modern dream home

Swimming pool and the terrace with furniture

Tennis court in the backyard

Small light house on the cliffs

Dream home overlooking the ocean

Top floor terrace with the ocean views

Wooden tables on the terrace

Swimming pool and terrace

Staircase to the the ocean

All photos courtesy of Ibiza Sotheby's International Realty widget