Modern House Reaching Out To The Bay

Modern house in the green eucalyptus field

Delany House is designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects. It is located on the hillside of Seaforth in Sydney, Australia looking down to Middle Harbour. Beautiful location for such modern house.

With open floor plan, this residence is open towards the nature, surrounding eucalyptus fields and bay views. It nicely stands out in all this greenery with its strong brown color. Walls made of stone, wooden floors and furniture in brown leather together create contemporary atmosphere.

This 3 floor modern house is designed for a five member Australian family who wanted to take advantage of beautiful location.

Terrace of the modern house looking out on the bay

Balcony with glass railing looking on the bay

Modern interiors open to the terrace

Modern dining room with the bay views

Stone walls and leather sofa in the living room

Stone walls and staircase of the modern house

Modern bathroom furniture

Modern wooden staircase

A chair on the terrace looking on the bay

Ocean and swimming pool as seen from the house

Site plan with modern house

Section drawing of a three story house

Floor plan of the Australian modern house

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