Beautiful Home As A Mix Of Modern And Traditional

Modern home with traditional style as seen from the street

Let's take a break from minimalism and modern glassy homes. NeMo is beautiful custom made home located in Winter Park, a suburban city in Orange County, Florida, United States.

New Modern or short NeMo, is designed by Phil Kean Designs office, specialised in architecture, construction and interiors. This beautiful home is combination of traditional houses and modern architecture. While there's enough of concrete and walls for those who are afraid of being exposed to much, there is also enough of glass, open areas and contemporary features.

Interior architecture is kept in darker colors with stone textures on the floor and walls. Home is open to the terrace where is beautiful swimming pool surrounded with high and dense green vegetation which creates nice fresh atmosphere and offers privacy.

Terrace with swimming pool and vegetation

Glassy coffee table in the living room

Dining room with large windows

Piano by the staircase

Large kitchen with wooden furniture

Kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen

Round table in the kitchen

Bedroom with tv

Modern bed in the bedroom

Low bed in the bedroom

Pool table in the gaming room

Modern home office

Traditional bedroom with fireplace

Gallery hallway on the upper floor

Modern staircase

Interior architecture on the lower floor

Modern wooden staircase

Living room with aquarium

Kitchen with an island

Dark dining table

Living room at night

All photos courtesy of Phil Kean widget