Cars And Architecture, What Do They Have In Common?

Modern architecture in car business

Today we gave ourselves one task. Let's try to connect two completely different things. Let's say cars and architecture. Is there anything that cars and architecture have in common?

Of course they do! Every company has its own headquarters. In our case, there are also factories, showrooms, pavilions, etc. To do our little task we choose Audi. Why Audi? Because they have great taste in both, cars and architecture.

The most impressive building related to this company is their headquarters in Tokyo, called Audi Forum. It is also known as "The Iceberg" because of its beautiful glassy dynamic facade. Forum is designed by Creative Designers International (CDI) and it is definitely one of the most recognized buildings in this mega city. It's even listed as one of 7 architectural wonders of the world in Conde Nast Traveller.

Glassy modern building seen from the street

Audi Forum in Tokyo with visible side facade

Next Audi building that attracted our attention is Audi Centre in Singapore. With 3 underground floors and 8 floors above the ground it's the tallest Audi facility in the world covering area of 3,057 square meters (32,903 square feet).

Rendering of Audi Centre in Singapore at dusk

Photo of Audi Centre in Singapore at night

Audi Centre in Singapore as seen from the air

Audi Ring is definitely the best example of connection between cars and architecture. This impressive piece of modern architecture is designed by Schmidhuber + Partner in cooperation with KMS TEAM. It's 100 meters long and 70 meters wide modern trade show pavilion with integrated driving track, where up to nine vehicles will be moving simultaneously on two levels, visible also from the outside via elongated openings in the façade.

Modern Audi Ring pavilion from the air

Audi Ring from the plaza

Front facade of Audi Ring

Open roof of the Audi Ring

Interiors of Audi Ring

Audi cars in the Audi Ring

All images by schmidhuber + partner

Audi AreA1 is another pavilion designed by Schmidhuber + Partner, this time in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors to AreA1 are led through a series of zones that follow a clear dramaturgy. First come several showroom modules that present the new A1 in perfect light. Next come exhibition areas designed to display product information, vehicle configuration and connectivity issues in a lively and engaging manner. The last stop on the visit is a small, central marketplace with a bar, seating, and WLAN. This meeting place is also the starting point of the Driving Experience, where visitors can join Audi instructors on a test drive of the new A1.

Modern audi pavilion

Red chairs on the modern Audi pavilion

White facade at the entrance of Audi pavilion

Modern red interiors of Audi pavilion

Red Audi car in the modern Audi pavilion

Glass facade of modern Audi pavilion

Red Audi car climbing on the wall

Modern Audi pavilion from the air

All images by schmidhuber + partner

Third pavilion also designed by talented Schmidhuber + Partner office is Audi Sphere in the historical center of Copenhagen, Denmark. The spheres are textile, air-filled shapes made of a light PVC membrane, embodying the theme of lightweight construction and serving as a walk-in exhibit at the same time.

To get inside the silver sphere, the visitor first steps onto a raised platform. This elevation not only forms an urban square in itself, but also perfectly integrates the three spheres into the surroundings, as no event platform disturbs the space below, allowing it to remain completely open. Each sphere is encircled by an oblique red "meridian" emphasizing the light and elegant design.

Modern Audi Sphere pavilion with red car

Three silver spheres from the air

Three silver spheres from the ground

Interior presentation in the Audi pavilion

Presentation in the interior of Sphere pavilion

Audi car body in the pavilion

Modern car in the Audi Sphere pavilion

All images by Andreas Keller

That's it! Cars and architecture indeed have connection. Hope you enjoyed this post and don't be shy to share it with your friends who love both, cars and architecture. widget