Incredible Modern Waterfall House by Andres Remy Architects, Argentina

Modern home with wooden garage doors

This house has something that I really like about architecture. A lot of awesome features and secrets all over the place. Brilliant architectural design serving to its residents and making their life fun and beautiful.

The Waterfall House, already sounds awesome, like famous architectural masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright. This one is designed by Andres Remy Architects for Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is good example of how to build a home right.

Two design ideas totally took my attention. Nice roof window above the bed in bedroom. Imagine starry nights from your perfectly comfortable bed. Now add in there waterfall sound. Shallow pool passes through the facade of first floor and then falls down into the swimming pool. How perfect that sounds.

Modern home with amazing waterfall

Waterfall House with open doors

Living room with contemporary furniture

Modern furniture in the living room of Waterfall House

Two orange chairs in the living room

Modern bar with futuristic furniture

Wooden staircase and bridge with glass floor

Staircase and interior bridge

Roof window above the bed

Modern black kitchen in the Waterfall House

Living room lighting

Water falling into the pool

Sunset behind a waterfall

Water falling from the pool on the first floor

Shallow pool on the first floor

Waterfall on the modern home

Water falling into the swimming pool

Waterfall at sunset

Waterfall and pool lighting

MOdern home at dusk from the lake

Ground floor plan
Ground floor

First floor plan of the Waterfall House
First floor

Street elevation

Backyard elevation

Pool side elevation

Section drawing

Pool side section drawing

Street side section drawing

All photos Alejandro Peral, Juan Rana widget