Mediterranean Modern Home Architecture In Ibiza, Spain

Beautiful terrace with multiple levels above the sea

No matter is it used as a vacation house or permanent residence, this beautiful Mediterranean modern home is designed to show you power of connection between nature and architecture.

Even though Juma Architects designed it for larger family or group of 10 people, the best atmosphere is created with only two people. The house is built on the hill above the sea, right on the line where large Mediterranean sea and green Spanish hills collide.

That's why architect took this opportunity and placed beautiful open terrace with swimming pool on the sea side of the house. Terrace is designed to have higher and lower levels which is brilliant move considering how great views this place has.

Interiors of this modern home are painted all white to attract as much of daylight as possible. Glass walls are placed on the south side to open interiors towards the sea. Minimalism is achieved with lovely wooden furniture like tables, beds and ceiling structures.

Home inspiration part here is definitely beautiful terrace with different levels which I personally find very attractive and interesting, specially that wooden bed with white mattress. Love it. It's not complicated to build, it's not expensive and it's possible in every house with terrace. What inspired you in this home?

White modern home in Ibiza, Spain

Sea view from the modern terrace

Outdoor bed on the terrace above the sea

Cliff edge swimming pool on the terrace

Terrace with outdoor furniture and swimming pool

Outdoor shower in the swimming pool

Modern outdoor bed by the swimming pool

Exit from the living room into the swimming pool

Plant and chair on the terrace

Stone walkway above the swimming pool

Stone walkway above the swimming pool

Bedroom as seen through the window

Black leather chair in the living room

White modern living room

Beige sofa in the living room

Modern fireplace in the living room

Wooden table and white chairs in the dining room

Modern wooden bar with two chairs in the dining room

Window with exit on the terrace

Modern furniture in modern home

Black and white chairs

Modern white kitchen

Minimal working room with wooden table

Wooden table by the window

Table and chair with the sea views

Minimal bed in the bedroom

Modern white bed in the bedroom

Floating wooden bed in the bedroom

Modern walk in closet

Small white bathroom

Modern home at dusk

Sea from the modern home at dusk

Terrace at dusk

Modern terrace at sunset

All photos © courtesy of Juma Architects widget