Minimalism In Modern Architecture of Beverly Hills

Modern home and Audi parked in front from the street

This brilliant modern home is built by Finton Construction in Beverly Hills, California. Exterior and interiors are designed by the architects from Magni Design.

If you're looking for a perfect home with pure minimalism and modern architecture, this could be nice inspiration for you. Shape of the house has dual purpose. To give its residents much needed privacy and to offer beauty of the well known views in this city.

Minimalism is clearly notable on exterior facade and interiors as well, which is now, in 21st century, one of the main factors of modern architecture. White concrete and clean blue glass work perfect together on the facade while interior architecture is fulfilled with dark brown furniture and colorful art.

Modern home and its swimming pool at night

Large terrace and home from the swimming pool

Minimal interior design of living room and dining room

Modern white dining room

Dark brown furniture in the living room

Minimal living room with dark furniture

White hallway with art on the wall

Modern kitchen with city views

Living room and fireplace with the view

Large minimal bathroom with glass walls

White modern bathroom

Fireplace by the glass wall

Dark brown modern bed

Minimal wooden bed in small bedroom

Modern home office

Interiors with paintings on the walls

Entrance walkway at night

Modern home from the street

Modern home and swimming pool during the day

Backyard with swimming pool

Two white chairs in the swimming pool

Modern architecture around the walkway

All photos © courtesy of Finton Construction widget