Modern Architecture In Average Sized Home, Italy

Average sized modern home with swimming pool

M3 House is designed by well known Monovolume Architecture + Design for Bozen in Italy. It's an average sized home which turned out to be impressive as much as large modern villas.

Simple shaped house with minimal design took only 190 square meters. It has two floors above the ground and one below where car garage is located. Glass facade allows great lighting of interior space while extended roof protects it from too much of sun and serves as rooftop terrace.

There is also nice swimming pool which creates additional outdoor space by the terrace and fulfills modern atmosphere.

"The project M2 at Bozen-Moritzing is a Klimahouse A which hosts two accommodations on separate floors. Because of his punctuated facade in the north and the east it seems closed to the access road. The plastered basement serves as pedestal for the smaller upper floor, which is covered by cladding sheets. To the garden – towards the south and the west – the house opens because of a generous glass façade."

Home inspiration part: I was inspired by the size of this home. It's perfect. It is good example that you can get beautiful modern home without millions of $. You just need to be creative and inspired and everything is possible. Only thing I would change is color. I find those interiors too cold and something in there has to be painted.

Which part did you found inspiring?

Modern home during the day

Modern home with lowered blinds

Sunken living room with glass walls

Grey sofa in sunken living room

Wooden table in the dining room

Small white kitchen with three bar chairs

Minimal kitchen and hallway

Wood and glass staircase

Outdoor steel and glass staircase

Facade of the upper floor

Modern home with lighting

Terrace at dusk

Lights on the terrace

Swimming pool and terrace

Upper floor plan

Ground floor plan

Basement floor plan

Site plan

Section of the house

Another section of the house

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