Modern Farmhouse by Dada Partners In New Delhi, India

Modern home at dusk

South Court Villy is the name of this modern farmhouse designed by Dada Partners for New Delhi, India. Main goal was to design exterior to protect residents from the sun and heat. Take a look how.

Wonderful job was done by architects on the exterior facade. Carefully designed sunken and extended parts have only one purpose, to protect interiors of this modern home from strong Indian sun.

"Farmhouses can be seen as hedonistic, hermetic, and at some level an introspective archetype or 'territories' that allow us to explore alternative models of habitat, ranging from typological explorations, experiential constructs, to sometimes idea-based, rather than formal (form-based) designs.

This farmhouse is set on a typical linear stretch of plot. The overall form has an 'L' profile that helps create a south facing courtyard between the gymnasium and the main building. The longer side of the building is aligned East-West thus reducing heat gain."
          -Dada Partners

Modern home from the driveway

Front facade of modern home

Entrance facade on modern home

Entrance and surrounding landscape

Balcony and backyard facade

Modern entrance

Entrance facade

MOdern facade at the entrance

Living room and backyard

Modern bathroom

Modern bathtub by the window

White modern bathtub

Backyard view from the bathroom

Modern facade in the backyard

Modern home at night

Backyard facade at night

Lights in the modern home at night

Floor plan of modern home

Section drawings of modern home

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