Modern Home For The Lucky One, De Wet 34, South Africa

Ocean view from the modern living room and terarce

Cape Town is reacher for another brilliant modern home. Famous SAOTA designed De Wet 34 residence in cooperation with the masters of interior design, OKHA.

You probably already guessed how sweet this home is. It's built in hilly part of Cape Town which offers already known romantic views of the ocean. Two story modern home is wide open towards the ocean and central backyard which creates nice atmosphere with full privacy.

Big terrace and cliff-edge swimming pool just make everything better while contemporary interiors collect every bit of sweet South African sunshine.

Large open living room with white furniture

Modern living room and rest of the house on daylight

Central backyard from the house

Green grass in the central backyard

Terrace with swimming pool

Modern home from the backyard

Lower floor as seen from the upper one

Contemporary concrete staircase

Interior balconies of the modern home

Bedroom of the modern home

Contemporary bedroom design

Open glass walls of the modern home

Modern bathroom

Modern home floor plan

Section drawing of modern home

All photos © courtesy of SAOTA widget