Modern Vaucluse House A by Bruce Stafford Architects, Sydney

Modern home with its swimming pool and terrace from the backyard

Today's home search took us to beautiful Australia where Bruce Stafford Architects designed modern Vaucluse House A, located in Vaucluse, suburb of Sydney located on the South Head peninsula.

Facade of this two story contemporary home is closed from the street giving much needed privacy and wide open from the backyard which also offers open beautiful views of the Harbour and Sydney skyline.

Interior architecture is designed in darker color, focused on wood, stone and glass at the main interior design materials. Nice design idea is thin glass wall between bedroom and bathroom which visually enlarged the whole space.

Front facade of a Modern Vaucluse House A

Entrance doors and stone wall in the hallway

Dining room right at the entrance

Terrace and harbour view from the dining room

Modern open living room from the dining room

Modern living room with high ceilings

Dark interior architecture

Small kitchen by the hallway

Modern interiors from the hallway

Modern staircase in the Modern Vaucluse House A

Large bedroom at night

Walk in closet in the Modern Vaucluse House A

Round tall sink in the bathroom

Harbour view from the swimming pool

All photos © Karl Beath widget