20+ Creative Stairs For Top Inspiration

Thin concrete stairs
© Atelier Boronski
Did you know that the earliest spiral stairs appeared in Temple A in the Greek colony Selinunte, Sicily, 480-470 years BC? Yeah, neither did I. Take a look at creative and unique stair collection for every home, we even gave you the calculator to easily do the math if you're dealing with construction of your own.

Almost every home needs at least one staircase. Sometimes it is two steps, sometimes twenty two. Designing your own can be really challenging task since you definitely don't want to mess that up. If done right, stairs can become main focal point of your interior architecture and define your home.

Possibilities here are endless. People are very creative when it comes to type of stairs and this collection we prepared proves that. So feel free to inspire yourself, get ideas and if you decide to do your own, take a look at this free stair calculator, it will help you in any situation. Enjoy.

Another interesting fact: The longest stairway is listed by Guinness Book of Records as the service stairway for the Niesenbahn funicular railway near Spiez, Switzerland, with 11,674 steps and a height of 1,669 m (5,476 ft).

Floating thick wooden stairs
© Estudio Dayan Arquitectos

Floating wooden stairs with glass railing
© Ion Popusoi and Bogdan Preda

Floating concrete stairs
© Ondarreta 
Half wood half steel stairs
© GCP Arquitetos
Thin steel stairs
© Paola Liani and Itai Paritzki
Double layer wooden floating stairs
© Apollo Architects & Associates
Futuristic green and white stairs
© Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez
Thin glass stairs
© Roberto Volpe
Minimal white marble stairs
© Adam Letch
Spiral black and white stairs
© John Wheatley
Two concrete stairs
© Richard Powers
Concrete stairs with glass railing
© Gus Wüstemann Architects
Thin black stairs
© Chamberlain Javens Architects
Thin steel hanged stairs
© Tense Architecture Network
Spiral white concrete and wood stairs
© Ong & Ong
Concrete stairs
© Smoothcore Architects
Low concrete stairs
© Carlo Scarpa
Part box part hanged modern stairs
© Wiel Arets Architects
Modern wooden stairs
© RichardHO Architects
Double black steel stairs
© Guillermo Hevia
Clean white thick floating stairs
© Parasite Studio
Thick spiral wooden stairs
© Alberto Mozo

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