Modern Architecture On University Complex

Modern architecture building on the university

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in association with Archimedia designed this impressive piece of modern architecture, new building for Business School and teaching complex on University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Speaking from my personal experience, dream of every student is to be part of high quality education system. Attending classes on modern complex is just one of the factors. I don't know about their education system, but students on University of Auckland definitely have high quality architecture environment.

"The series of layered sinuous blades reach out to embrace the community providing a dramatic sculpture of reflection, illuminance and animation. Multiple layers of meaning and interpretation enrich the development providing a distinctive image for the school that places it within an international stage as a leader in teaching, research and scholarship. Organic forms gather the activity and energy of the site into a major new public square, anchoring the building and reinterpreting the topography of the immediate sloping site and Auckland's volcanic harbour forms, to create a distinctive icon for the Business School and the University as a whole."

Do you think good modern architecture is important in education system?

Lawn in front of the modern architecture building

Modern building in the shape of letter U

Glass facade on modern building

Extreme glass facade on the building

Standing in front of the modern building

Main modern class hall in the building

Lobby of the university building

Area above the lobby

Looking out through the window

Tables and chairs in the coffee shop

Two students sitting by the window

Glass facade detail

Steel facade detail

Glass facade above the lobby

Modern cafeteria

Floors and balconies above the main lobby

Modern university building from the street

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

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