Converted Church With Stunning Interior Design, London, UK

Living room furniture in the converted church in London

If you were looking for a really awesome and unusual home, search no more. Let me present you incredible converted church, designed for 21st century. Take a look!

Gianna Camilotti Interiors office designed this beautiful piece of art in London, UK. You probably noticed we already posted some pretty cool converted churches, like this one, called God's loftstory in Netherlands (my all time favorite) and this one, also in Netherlands. There's just something special about those homes. Is it shape of the church, the atmosphere or simply designer's good work on interior?

What I really like about this converted church is its wooden ceiling structure, modern design, bright furniture, double floor height and specially the spiral stairs. As you can see, the space is not huge, but it is so well designed it looks bigger than it is. Simply stunning. The bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen, open living room, incredible dining room, everything.

So, what do you think about converted church homes? Would you ever live in one?

Interior of the converted church in London

Bright modern furniture in converted church

Small kitchen in converted church in London

Glass table and dining room in converted church home in London

Living room in converted church in London

Bedroom in converted church in London

Restored and modern design details in converted church in London

Small bright bathroom in converted church in London

Modern furniture

Architectural details

Outdoor space

Modern terrace in London

All photos are courtesy of Gianna Camilotti Interiors widget