Modern White Interior Design In Outstanding Mallorcan Villa

White modern living room in Mallorcan villa

Here's an idea how to design your interior if you're lucky enough to live in the place like Mediterranean oceanfront or you're trying to reach this atmosphere in your own home located somewhere else.

The project you are looking at is called Mallorca Gold. It is modern house built on the cliffs of Calvia in Mallorca, Spain. Even though the house itself is nothing compared to what we used to see here, its modern white interior design is something that knocked me of my feet. Great design idea for modern homes located somewhere near the ocean.

Fresh Mediterranean atmosphere is brought in through the floor to ceiling glass walls and completely defined architecture of interiors. Views of gorgeous blue ocean are offered on the right and green Mediterranean vegetation on the left while minimalist white interior is nestled in between. Open, bright, fresh, warm, there are hundreds of words which could describe this modern home. Even if you don't live anywhere near the ocean, you still can enjoy in this white interior design. This home in Israel is perfect example how.

Mallorca Gold house and its modern white interior are currently for sale, asking $4,5 million and you have two options. Buy this house or design your home to look like this one.

Facade of modern Mallorcan villa

Terrace and swimming pool overlooking the sea

Swimming pool on the cliff above the sea

Modern Mallorcan villa with swimming pool

Swimming pool of modern Mallorcan villa

Ocean view from terrace

Covered terrace and ocean view

Mediterranean sea from terrace

Ocean view from white modern living room

Modern white living room furniture

Modern white kitchen

Dining room with blue chairs

Ocean view from the Mallorcan villa

Stairs and hallway

Modern white bedroom

Modern white bedroom

Ocean view from the bedroom

Bathroom view

Modern white interior

Round hot tub in the modern Mallorcan villa

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