Stunning Dream Home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dream home and swimming pool with the view of Rio and ocean

Al House is stunning modern dream home designed by Studio Arthur Casas in Praia de São Conrado, an affluent neighborhood in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dream home location

This 485 sqm house offers unique design and experience which completely redefines the way we used to live and build our homes. Incredible Rio's mountains in the back and "never ending" ocean in front make combination that is hard to forget or ignore.

Dream home design 

Just at the client wanted, architects from Studio Arthur Casas created modern dream home which takes maximum out of this stunning location. "The solution was to raise the entrance, the social areas and the pool to the second floor, above the guestrooms and service quarters surrounded by a garden. The spectacular views are present in all the living areas. Large glass panels slide and hide behind the walls in order to erase the borders between inside and outside" - says Arthur Casas.

With São Conrado beach down the hill, I have to admit, this dream home is serious competition to SAOTA's modern homes in South Africa. What do you think?

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Rio de Janeiro mountains and modern home

Stone facade of modern dream home in Rio de Janeiro

Swimming pool and terraces of modern dream home

Modern white bathroom

Amazing bedroom with the ocean view

Vegetation and stone facade

Terrace and open facade

Modern stone facade

Ocean view from modern dream home in Rio

Interiors and open glass wall

Interior of modern dream home in Rio

Kitchen and dining room

Modern wooden kitchen furniture

Living room surrounded with vegetation

Ground floor plan of modern dream home in Rio

First floor plan of modern dream home in Rio

Second floor plan of modern dream home in Rio

Section drawing of modern dream home in Rio

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