Beautiful Interior Design of Casa Lomas Altas

Modern bathroom with glass wall

Incredible interior design developed through levels, modern furniture, stunning bathroom and some incredible details in this home will seriously impress every interior design lover. Take a look!

Modern home location location

Casa Lomas Altas is an amazing modern home with beautiful interior design, created by López Duplan Arquitectos in west Mexico City. Built in 1980's, the house was renovated and remodeled by Claudia Lopez Duplan into gorgeous, open, modern living space.

Beautiful interior design

Interior design is developed through levels and open spaces. You will notice different "rooms" located on different levels, connected with three-four stairs. This is great way to give attention to every "room" and still keep everything connected and open.

Dining room offers nice large windows and good amount of solid wall, for those who feel uncomfortable having floor to ceiling glass walls. Dark contemporary furniture looks really elegant and goes well with green tones of vegetation seen through the windows.

Bedroom is designed the same way, offering really wide window, but still keeping the privacy with solid wall which is turned into book shelf. Modern touch is given with wooden furniture connecting floors and walls.

Impressive modern furniture

Bedroom is connected with modern bathroom which has some impressive furniture elements. We've seen kitchen islands and now is time to see something that I would call bathroom island on top of which is located amazing modern marble sink with two sizes. This has to be the most minimalist sink I have ever seen. Amazing job! Bathtub part is definitely the most modern part of the house. Glass wall offers incredible sight for the bathtub and toilet as well.

Besides that, I would love to mention incredible lighting system which makes this interior design quite special and romantic. Atmosphere is simply stunning at night!

What do you think about this beautiful interior design?

Modern interior

Elegant dining room design

Modern stairs

Modern bedroom with book shelf

Small bathroom

Bathroom island with modern minimalist sink

Modern interior design with light scheme

Modern interior design at night

Modern dining room at night

Terrace at sunset

Modern home floor plan

All photos by Hector Armando Herrera widget