Decorating Small Apartments: Life in 34 Square Meters

Bright interior of small apartment

Decorating small apartments is probably harder than you might think, but this gorgeous contemporary studio apartment will give you some pretty nice ideas how to decorate your living space in bright and contemporary way.

Location of small apartment

This small apartment is located in Ostermalm District, a 2.56 km² large district in central Stockholm, Sweden. Often people will give up on small old spaces because, well, they are small and old. But remodeling in creative way could be an opportunity to create romantic and more than comfortable living space.

Decorating small apartments

Following nice Scandinavian trend, the interior of this small apartment is kept in white color, making it fresh and bright. Looking at the floor plan, we can see how nicely apartment folds around the bedroom which is located in the center, physically divided from the rest of the apartment with glass wall. I would definitely put some floor-to-ceiling curtains to make it more private. All other details around the apartment are perfectly arranged to offer high functionality. And more greenery wouldn't hurt as well.

What do you think about this small apartment? What it the most important thing when it comes to decorating small apartments, according to you?

Thin glass wall in small apartment

Living room in small bright apartment

Bedroom with glass wall

Decoration details in small apartment

Contemporary living room design

Bright living room furniture

Fireplace in small modern apartment

Dining room in small apartment

Contemporary balcony

Small apartment balcony

White modern apartment interior

Small bright kitchen

Small apartment bathroom

Small apartment floor plan

All photos courtesy of Svensk Fastighets Formedling widget