Modern Interior Design For Small Homes - D58 House

Small modern living room

What makes small homes so beautiful, functional, safe and affordable? Design. Or, we could say precisely, modern design. Take a look how to use modern interior design in your small, comfortable, sweet home.

About the small house

D58 House is modern residence designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury from Poland. According to their impressive portfolio, we could say they are pretty good at making small spaces livable, comfortable and modern. And D58 House is my favorite among them.

Modern interior design secret

So what's the secret there? Minimalism, elegance and good taste. Designers used minimalistic approach in design to get maximum out of open space and create simple natural flow through the house. Black and white colors are used to bold this modern atmosphere while "wooden feeling" was given with an "American walnut" elements.

Ground floor plan

Ground floor offers beautiful modern kitchen with minimalist white kitchen elements and small kitchen island placed in the middle. Black wall with tv is definitely focal point in the living room, bold, aggressive but still cozy and warm. Dining room is formed with a round white dining table and chairs, nicely connecting bright kitchen with dark living room.

First floor plan

Upper floor contains small and colorful home gym, black and white minimalist first bathroom and small bright bedroom with modern and quite large second bathroom, all together forming a friendly and intimate living space. One thing I would like to add to this perfect interior design, and that is green plants and vegetation.

What do you think? Do you find this modern interior design attractive?

Small modern ground floor interior

Open doors and dining room corner

Modern minimalist kitchen

White modern table and chairs

Modern living room interior with white leather sofa

Modern dining room and kitchen

Minimalist kitchen furniture

Minimalist dining room table and chairs

Modern living room furniture

Black and white living room interior design

Wooden elemetns in the kitchen

Minimalist entrance design

Minimalist bathroom furniture

White minimalist bathroom sink

Black shower room

Modern black and white bathroom

Modern black and white bathroom

Small colorful home gym

Small minimalist bright bedroom

Bright modern bedroom

Sunny bedroom

White bedroom furniture

Second bathroom

Bright bathroom design

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