Portable Home: Small House Living With Modern Lifestyle

Portable home in sunset

Do you like small house living? Take a look what is like to live in a 27 square meters of modern living space that can be transported anywhere you like.

Madrid based architecture studio ÁBATON Arquitectura created APH80, a portable home for everyone who loves small house living.

Location of APH80 portable home

One of the main perks of owning a house like this is that you can literally move it anywhere you like. The house is large as any shipping container, therefore, it can easily be transported on a truck. Just imagine all the possibilities and locations you could live on. Cliffs of South Africa, sand beaches in Mexico...

Role of design in small house living

APH80 portable home is designed the way it is for a reason. For example, slanted roof is created to give the better feeling of an interior atmosphere. Speaking of room arrangement, living room and "kitchen" are placed together on a 2/3 of the living space. Bedroom is placed in a separated "room", along with the bathroom.

The house is built out of the wood from regulated forests and all materials used for this portable home can be recycled and reused.

So, what do you think? Would you rather live in this portable home or, Minimod, modern container house?

Portable home being transported

Portable home on a truck

Portable home being placed in the field

Closed portable home in a field

Closed portable home

Side facade of a portable home

Open portable home in a field

Open facade of a portable home

Living room area of a portable home

Wooden coffee table in a portable home

Living room area in a portable home

Kitchen area in a portable home

Sliding glass entrance doors of a portable home

Bedroom area in a portable home

Wooden walls of a portable home

Bathroom area in a portable home

Portable home floor plan

Portable floor section drawing

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