Outdoor Furniture Tips and Trends for 2016 and Beyond

These days the outdoor and garden area are just as important in facilitating our entertaining lifestyles as the home itself. Creating that seamless flow from the indoor to outdoor space is a great way of maintaining that stylish feeling of comfort and relaxation that your indoor setting provides.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the right outdoor furniture that will match the style and setting of your outdoor area and will enhance the connection between the two areas.

Foliage is a great way to add a natural element to an outdoor space. Plants have a soothing impact on humans and further add to the relaxing mood by purifying the air around you and soothing tired eyes.

Shade is an important aspect to any outdoor area, particularly during the warmer months. If your setting doesn’t have a leafy canopy to offer protection from direct sunlight, then opt for an outdoor umbrella or sleek awning. There are many contemporary and modern designs to choose from that will match a wide range of outdoor furniture pieces and home designs.

For the cooler months, outdoor heaters are a stylish and practical addition. Like umbrellas and awnings, outdoor heaters come in a variety of styles that will integrate into your outdoor setting theme and overall house design. Outdoor heaters will not only keep you and your guests warm but will also provide additional mood lighting that is sure to keep those conversations going into those evening hours.

By complementing indoor and outdoor furniture, your indoor and outdoor areas will naturally blend to create a seamless and cohesive flow. A good place to start is by utilising neutral colours such as off-whites, grey, charcoal and beige that will accompany most modern and contemporary spaces that will feel balanced, light and fresh.

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