10 Amazing Window Designs

What is the thing that opens up the world of freshness and new energy every morning when the sun rays peep into your room? What is the thing that lets the world know you better even without entering your home? What is the thing that lets you enjoy the shower and the sunshine without setting foot outside your home?

Well, don’t scratch your brains too much. It is nothing else than the windows of your home. Now, we are not talking about the operating system on your computer. What we are talking about is the (usually) square or rectangular object fixed on your walls that not only break the barrier of bricks but also let you fly in the sky and swim in rainwater, albeit visually.
Therefore, windows become a vital part of the architecture of our home. They can make or mar the beauty of the interior design. In this article, we will have a look at 10 amazing designs of windows. See if you find any design suitable for your home too! 

10.  Aristocratic arch
Windows can add a touch of aristocracy in your homes. Having windows in the form of archs along with serene coloured walls can add a distinctive look to the interiors of your home. The iron grills add a sense of strength and sturdiness to the windows. These windows will not only keep you secure, but will also help you look like you belong to the family of nobles, who have preference for luxurious interior settings and will go along very well with your posh surroundings. Moreover, appropriate use of colours which look peaceful will help you to make your room look more beautiful than ever.

9. Rotating windows
The rotating windows are catching up the imagination of modern interior designers these days. They take up less space, look modern ad add a chic look to the room’s interiors. The windows are hinged at an axis that passes through their centre and at once create two panes when opened. They are easy to handle, easy to clean too. This is because when ordinary windows are cleaned, it is difficult to clean the outer side. But with these windows, you can easily rotate them and clean the other side too. And why not? The outer side is the one through which the world looks at you. So, why not keep it clean and crystal clear?

8. Majestic arch
Having one window in a room is one thing; but having an arcade of windows is another aspect of interior design. This is something that is seen only in castles, cathedrals and palaces. Bring an arcade of windows to your home and keep them tall and high. The windows seems like bodyguards standing at regular intervals to safeguard your home. These windows not only add a majestic touch to your room and home, but also give you a sense of security to the dwellers. So, if you feel like a king and want to feel majestic throughout day and night, bring home an army of sentries that will stand guard all the time.

7. Wooden jumbo
At times, it is the heritage that adds better magic than anything else modern. A huge and tall wooden widow frame along with tinted glass fittings will add splendour to your home. Along with plush interiors of the room and aptly painted walls, the windows look regal and transport you to the home of the Czars. Moreover, wooden frames give the windows a sturdy look and give a sense of physical security too. Due to their height, the windows also look as domineering and appear to be your private sentry in the house. Bring this window to your home and see the world of difference it makes.

6. Glass and metal
This window is certainly your door to the world. Not just because, it seems almost transparent, but also because it houses a door inside it. In case you want to have your door and windows at the same place and also want ample light to beam inside your home, then this is the window you must opt for. This window promises to give room to a lot of sun rays and illuminate your household with brightness from the skies. Moreover, it also helps to save space as it brings windows and door on the same wall. No wonder, this is going to be a big piece of envy for your neighbours.

5. Petals shaped windows
This is one design which must not have been used in many homes till date. The shape of the windows, if made like petals, will add an intangible fragrance to your home. The windows are nothing more than arch windows, but with pointed heads. This gives them the shape of petals and in case you need a lot of light in your home, then go ahead and have an array of such windows. This will not only illuminate your room but will also make it stylish. And the next time your guests arrive at your place, they will be astounded by the architectural marvel of your windows.

4. Glass windows
In today’s era that keeps talking about transparency, it is indeed a nice idea to have transparent windows using glass. The main element of such windows is the use of glass without any metal frame. The glass panes can be turned on the hinge of their edge and can be cleaned on both the sides as they open towards the inside.  Moreover, they add a touch of openness to your home’s interiors too.

3. Open to the world
If we are talking of transparency, then why not try to have wall-length windows of glass. These windows will bring you almost in direct touch with the world outside and will transport you in the lap of nature. But caution, you cannot use it if your home is on ground floor and faces traffic or roads. Who will love being peered by people all the time and just gaze at the roads? Instead try installing such windows when you are on a higher floor or when your home faces a garden.

2. Zero windows
What if your windows appeared to be absent? Don’t be confused! What we are talking about are windows that are so clear and transparent, that it seems as if they are non-existent. Having wide windows of glass on a height adds a magical touch to your home or courtyard.

1. Metal grid
Such windows will take you to magical lands of Hogwarts. The wall-length windows made of a grid of iron or steel and fitted with glass panes bring in a lot of light and add mystical touch to your home’s interiors. The windows are sturdy, clear and illuminating at the same time. It is one of the best bets for your home, irrespective of which floor you live in.

So, now when you have peeped through all the 10 windows, which one are you making a part of your family today?

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