10 Photos Showing Off the Redesigned Le Meridien Hotel in New Orleans

Last year the former W New Orleans Hotel received a complete new identity and had a full makeover, to be shifted and be a part of the esteemed Le Meridien Hotel chain. The hotel received this makeover at a whopping sum of $29 million and was done by Meyer Davis Studio. The redesign has been referred to as one of the best pieces of restoration and revitalisation done by New Orleans ever since it had received the devastating blow by Hurricane Katrina, around ten years ago.

The new hotel is now the Le Meridien Hotel of New Orleans and is expressive of its rich and beautiful design, its penchant for European interior design and Le Meridien's hotels' unique personality unto itself. Designers and architecture connoisseurs have oft described the hotel as having an international ambience due to its elegant European interiors and a homely feel because of the elements, programs and cuisines which give it the iconic New Orleans character.

Before we dig deep into the many idiosyncrasies of this fine hotel, let us first take a look at its beautiful building and design of the exterior. Check it out for yourself:

Classy, chic and innovative; just like an ideal Le Meridien hotel. 

Now that we have had our share of the hotel's history and trivia, it is time we start exploring the interiors (read every inch) of the hotel and check the hotel out for ourselves. So, readers, let us be your guide and take you on a trip down this elegant hotel one step (read part) at a time; a ride which we believe to be quite adventurous (we know Amitav Ghosh would have been proud of us for this).

10. From where do we begin? The Lobby, of course!

We know, the first impression the hotel impresses upon you is literally an awe-filled expression of "Wow!". We felt it too. The lobby is termed as "the Hub" in this hotel, as it is filled with all the comfortable items that you need, including lounge chairs and a bar; so that you can easily while away your time while the hotel staff takes care of your stuff for you. Well, aren't they so endearing? Further, to take it up a notch, the lobby boasts off a huge artwork right at the entrance and believe us, it is something that is sure to make some eyes linger on it. Here, take a look at it,

Profoundly picturesque, isn't it?

9. A Delight for the Literary Geeks

Are you people familiar with Henry James's quote expressing that literature is a game of skill and by more than one extension, literature is life? Well, if you are not, then you should check it out; and if you already are, then you will realise how seriously Le Meridien has taken this quotation to be. Throughout the hotel, there a plenty of shelves (which are mirrored), and are adorned/filled with numerous books, decoration and other suchlike erudite assortment. Over the head of these shelves are big, elegant lights and the mirrored back simply fortifies the entire pleasantness of the design. We were most certainly awestruck by it; were you?

8. Move aside Central Perk, Le Meridien's Here as the go-to Coffee Place

Caffeine is the ideal way to start the day and Le Meridien most certainly understands this, which is more than readily apparent in its coffee house that is also a part of the lobby. The coffee house has been described as being inspired by contemporary designs and ideas; which is represented through the decoration it boasts off, videlicet, the bright blue armchairs, the globe of the soft hue and the abstract pattern that is there on the wall. While Le Meridien urges its guests to sit back and relax in this coffee house, toward off their mid-day blues, the coffee house is most certainly more than just an amicable endeavour on part of the hotel. At the end of it all, the coffee place lends a new piece of elegance to the entire place and intensifies its endearing nimbus.

7. The Curvature of Seating

What truly sets out the Le Meridien's interiors is the cheeky way in which they have accommodated all their furniture and the way they have made it look so elegant, Consider for instance the photograph, the elegance with which the couch just slides across the huge column in between is visibly intentional and we commend them for their ingenuity. Well, with great power does come great responsibility; and Le Meridien is clearly a maestro is handling the realm of furnishing and design. Kudos to the Meyer Davis Studio!

6. Bar and Cafe - Refreshment for all Ages

The lobby continues to impress us with its ingenuity and cheekiness, and the comfort that it seeks to provide its guests with, with the constant brewing of coffee and clink of cocktail glasses that the bar-cum-cafe presents the guests with. The place is apparently filled with the pungent aroma of caffeine and the other corner is ideal for the ones who prefer hard drinks over caffeinated ones. Overall, the place is perfect for all kinds of people, so you can easily spend some time here, admire the beauty and wits with which the entire hotel has been created and the way in which it has been crafted.

5. The Night View

Oh we said the bar-cum-cafe is for everyone? We meant only at daytime. As the sun drops down the horizon, the place becomes a haven for the hard drink lovers. What we mean is that at night only cocktails and other suchlike hard drinks are served and the lobby thus, becomes an ideal place for many people who are looking for a nice way to start their evening off in the perfect manner. Le Meridien's unique style and European charm kicks in with the lights that the bar boasts off and the walnut-like cabinets of the bar. The comfortable seating beside the bar and the stark contrast of dark with soft interior creates a pleasant experience for the eyes. Yes, this is a nice place to give your party a nice start.

4. Table for Two, please

We know that the most important meal of the deal is breakfast, and Le Meridien was not take this lightly either. Similar to the other ventures it has taken over, Le Meridien boasts off a beautiful restaurant, LMNO Restaurant, that is aimed specifically at a nice breakfast experience. Fair to say, the place is the ideal place for all breakfast lovers out there. The warm outlook of the entire room, along with the sift interior and the beautiful blue ornamentation on the walls help create a soothing breakfast experience and is most certainly the perfect way to begin your day in. Way to go, LMNO.

3. Time to Butch it Up!

Like we had said before, the Le Meridien Hotel in New Orleans takes care of all the amenities that you might need whilst your residence, and that includes a gym. Yes, you heard (i.e., read) that correct. The place has an in-built gym that can be accessed by the guests during their stay there. The gym is filled with state-of-the-art machines and equipment. Further, it is big enough in size to accommodate everyone who wishes to break a sweat and have a nice workout.

2. The Suite Life

Given the elegance with which the interiors of other rooms have been built, it was no surprise to us that the suites of Le Meridien Hotel in New Orleans will be just as amazing as the rest of the hotel. As is evident from the photograph, the suites are comfortable and cozy. The are decorated with a beautiful sculptural design, which as the connoisseurs tell us, is exemplary of the iconic style of New Orleans. The hotel thus, takes on the challenging task of presenting both the international and domestic ambience, and does so with true finesse.

1. The Comfort of a Sitting Room

the Le Meridien Hotel furthers the comfort guests experience in their suites by presenting them with their own sitting rooms, which are not only classy, but also quite comfortable. As is quite apparent from the photograph, the sitting room lend a unique touch to the suite, with their elegant furnishing, which is just the perfect balance of royalty and modernity. We are in awe of the skills with which Le Meridien has time and again accommodated these two concepts together, and the sitting rooms are just a classic example of them. Notice also the beautiful flooring of the room. Isn't it truly amazing?

So there you go, folks. A trip through the beautiful Le Meridien Hotel in New Orleans and fair to say, at this point of the article, we just want to rush towards the hotel and spend at least a day and night there. So the next time you visit New Orleans, why not give a visit to this newly built hotel?

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