11 Creative Cable Holders That Stop The Cables Falling Off Your Desk

The world of twenty first century belongs to technology; gadgets are taking over various aspects of our lives with immeasurable speed, and we are falling back on them much more often than needed. The office of today and that of the past are poles apart; laptops sprawled on the desk, disorganized cables hanging from every corner and what not. It has become somewhat of a real hassle in today’s world, maintaining an organized office work space. Most of us who struggle with keeping the desk space free of tangled messes of cords will understand. To alleviate the problem, check out these 11 brilliant cable management solutions which will help you keep your desk organized and manage all your cables in an efficient manner.

#11 Flexi-Ties (Reusable)

UT Wire has come up with the perfect solution for those poor souls who still have a difficult time adjusting to unruly wire and cables. Check out these colourful life-savers called Flexi Ties; they are exceptionally tough, and can wrap as well as hold together practically any sort of cable with ease. With just a bunch of these handy little guys at your disposal, you can streamline the process of managing your cable collection, and that too with panache!

#10 Wire Wielders (by Karl Zahn)

Let industrial designer Karl Zahn take care of your disorganized cords with these brilliant wire wielding designs from among his collections. Primarily belonging from his “Repurposing Technology” and “Cover” projects, these clever wire holders will allow you to take the extra cable length and adjust it to the requisite measurements as per your needs. Zahn can be touted as the ultimate designer handyman, and his products definitely walk the talk.

#9 Plug Hub

A discreet organizer for all your power strips, the Plug Hub comes with several commendable features for wrangling and managing the multifarious power cables which can be found snaking down from your desk often. It consists of three openings on the top, so that you can direct the cords neatly to the power strip of your choice below; the integrated cord anchors allow you to take care of those longer cords by wrapping them up neatly and hiding them away from plain sight. The Plug Hub has a rubber “foot” on the bottom so that you can let it sit on its back, or you can just mount it on the adjacent wall and be done with your cord organizing troubles.

#8 Cablebox Mini

The mastermind behind this splendid piece of equipment is a company called Bluelounge. Available in a wide range of colour choices, the Cablebox Mini is your answer to the power chord chaos you have to face on a daily basis. You can keep your cables safely tucked out of sight (and out of mind!) as well as hide a power strip bar if need be. The price tag on this beauty is decent enough and once you have utilized it. you will understand how easy it makes organizing your desk space and that it is definitely worth the money.

#7 Cable Drop

These cable drops are all that you will need to for your cluttered workstation to turn into an organized one. They will keep chargers, USB cables and similar connectors away from each other, thus avoiding the clutter; additionally, they will keep your desk neat and organized – just the way you prefer it to be. They are small indeed, but can perform their job quite well and will come in handy for those who need to keep multiple electronic gadgets in close proximity without the worrying about a tangled mess.

#6 Quirky Converge

The Quirky Converge is unlike any power pad you will ever come across; it’s a docking station that charges up to six devices at a time and conveniently as well as attractively puts them on display like a miniature showcase while doing so. As far as the cables are concerned, the Converge hides them away from view in its elongated and curved design, thus giving the dock a clean and sleek yet minimalist look. For someone who is a gadget geek at heart, this piece of tech is a brilliant solution for their office desk cluttering needs.

#5 Fork and Cream Sauce

Quite an unique name for a piece of tech, this cable organizer is an idea you won’t run into every day. It comes with a fork and a base in the package along with an instruction manual on how to use it; it’s rather simple really. For those who require the use of extended length cables, you can use this rather intuitive fork to cut down on the same while holding the cords in their places. It is similar to a cable drop, but with innovative looks.

#4 Quirky Flexible Pivot Power Strip

Another great product from Quirky, this flexible power strip is the ultimate solution for those who encounter situations where the power adaptors interfere with each other on the power strip, on a daily basis. You can rotate each individual outlet so that the space can be maximized for the other power adaptors. It has built-in surge protection and the design is brilliant. For those who are in urgent need of power cable organizing on their desks, this one is an absolute no-brainer.

#3 Your Magnet

Even though it looks like a typical horse-shoe magnet, this uber cool accessory uses negative pressure instead of magnetism and can be used for multiple purposes including as a wall hook, a gadget stand and so on. For those looking to organize their cables, this simple object offers the perfect service; stick it onto your laptop and voila! You can now tidy up those loose cords on your desk in a jiffy.

#2 Cable Station II

The Cable Station II from Get Organized is the ultimate cable-holder solution for your desk organizing needs. It features 5 open ports which are flexible; thus, you can let through any number of cables. A great management tool, the product is easy to use and will go easy on your pockets as well.  Simply put, it creates a mountable station for all your loose cords in a single place, so that you can avoid the confusion.

#1 Belkin TuneTie

Belkin offers some really useful products when it comes to cable organization, and the TuneTie is one of them. Simple in its use, the TuneTie will wrap up extra cable length whenever necessary, thus relieving you of the hassle. Simply feed the cable through the management system and adjust the length as per your needs.

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