9 Modern Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly, mates, and we are here to make it merrier than ever!
How are we going to do this, you ask? Pretty simple, folks. We asked ourselves what is Christmas about? Sure, it is about the joy of Jesus coming back to us for our salvation from the Original Sin, but what else is there that truly makes Christmas, Christmas? Answer: gifts. Yes, from Santa Claus to our parents to the relatives and friends we love and to the unconditional love we share with our pets, Christmas is about gifting. (Like Joey said, the joy of giving and receiving). So, to further it up a notch, we thought of some cool new ways to accentuate the regular Christmas gift wrapping we do, and make it an even more pleasant experience.

So, continue reading and delight your eyes and mind with nine different ideas for gift wrapping that you could employ on this Christmas. Feliz Navidad!

9. Go Chic and Elegant

First off, imagine getting a gift wrapped like this. Now, answer yourself this, wouldn't it be amazing to get a gift wrapped up like this? The answer we know is yes. This artistic gift wrapping technique employs wits and skills. And it oozes with elegance. The golden and the silver contrast well with the sparkling blue (but go for a darker shade), and are fairly easy to make (if you are well accustomed to scissors). The primary selling point in this design is the feather, so make sure the feathers are cut neatly and that the edges pop-up, otherwise the result might not be pungent enough.

8. Silhouettes All the Way

It is at times appealing to go minimalist and let the soft effect work its charm. This design brims with that. The silhouette of the reindeer (who has become like a mascot for Christmas now; and we are not complaining) stands out sharply with his sharp antlers and the right ribbon around his neck. The silhouette adds a certain holiday feel to the gift and it becomes a joy to look at it. Nothing says Christmas like a reindeer, then why not put one on our gifts? And if you want, you can cut a small red circle and glue it on the tip of reindeer's nose (guess who).

7. Black and White

Remember the charm of the chalked drawings and the little blocks of blackboard people used to spread their little bundle of joy-filled messages across? Well, this idea is here to do revive just that. We all love handmade gifts, mo matter how they appear or what their size be. It is the beauty of the handwritten messages that make us feel so good, right? This design embodies the handwritten qualities of a gift, along with the elegance of the writings indited with a chalk. The black background provides the perfect base for such writings and the white colour of the chalk will surely make it stand out. The wrapping is bound to catch anyone's eye and make anyone instantly fall in love with it. So this Christmas, we say give your loved ones all the joy they deserve with this holiday-themed wrapping-cum-message.

6. Starstruck

Christmas lights and their significance as being stars of the sky has been a common and well-known metaphor for quite a bit of time now. We love the star-filled walls, decorations, ornamentation; we love to decorate the Christmas tree with stars and we love to make stars in the snow. Then why not put them on the gifts' wrapping? This idea is perfect for those who are already feeling the excitement of Christmas and cannot stand being away from it. The stars give the entire gift a warm emotion, a holiday feel and bring it closer to the receiver's and giver's heart. To top it all, tie the entire wrapping with a yarn, and give it the last touch of a homecoming feel. This is bound to make anyone emotional.

5. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

What is a perfect Christmas evening? Spending a nice time with your loved ones, opening presents, having a nice, hearty dinner and then at the end of the day, having a cup of hot chocolate at the porch while it snows down the street. Isn't that just perfect? Now imagine having that through a gift (not that Christmas in itself is not a gift). This design for wrapping a gift oozes off the Christmas spirit with its artistic snowflake design and holiday theme it has going. You can make a few snowflakes, stars and then tie them all up with a yarn, and at the end, maybe tie the gift up with a Christmas themed ribbon. Doesn't that sound amazing?

4. Go Colourful

Christmas is primarily dominated by three colours: red, green, and white. And now you can use all these three colours to make a gift wrapping that is perfect for a Christmas gift. Also, it is really easy to do this. In order to achieve this wrapping design, just wrap your gift with a plain brown paper first, and then cut thin strips of the three colours and wrap them around the brown paper, but be careful here because you do not want it to be messy. At the end of it, you could put a bow or any other decoration on top the gift. Sounds good, right?

3. Gift Toppings

Okay so this design is probably one of the easiest decoration ideas we have so far explained to you. The point here is to wrap up your gift in a brown paper, and then on top of it, glue certain Christmas-y objects to give it a holiday feel. Sounds simple, right? If you wish to take it further, you can attach a bow or a ribbon at the end of the wrapping procedure, which will only highlight the emotions with which you have wrapped the gift.

2. Cartoon It Up!

Nothing expresses your love for someone and your love for Christmas, like cartoon figures do. Through this design, you can get in touch with your childlike side and give the people all the joy they need this Christmas with beautiful and peppy cartoons drawn on the gifts. They will be like gifts before the actual gift. The cartoons will add to the elegance of the gift and increase the joy of it all through their unique touch. It all comes down to what you draw though.

1. Say it with Music

Christmas and music, the two complement each other so well that it is impossible to think of Christmas without all the carols and musicals we have all loved so much. Through this design, you can express your love for those musicals by wrapping the gift in a quasi-musical sheet. We know it sounds tough but you will be surprised how easily they are available in the market and if you are unable to find them there, it is actually quite easy to craft them up at home. Just be careful with the marker, avoid smudges and be meticulous. You can do this for your loved on. We know you can.

So, there you go, people, nine different ideas for you to wrap those Christmas gifts and to make the holiday much more special with. After this article, we are excited for Christmas, are you?

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