9 Relaxing Bathrooms That Have Circular Tubs

Remember that episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., when Chandler and Monica express their love for taking baths in bathtub and we oh-so ardently fall in love with that experience of theirs? You do, right? We thought so too. That experience is something we yearn to have and it is not always that an individual can have it. But a lot of people have actually figured out a way for doing this, and they have taken it to a whole different level. Bathtubs and bathrooms, that is a comforting combination.

Imagine coming home from a tiresome day at work, and then relaxing in a tub, with all the time you can get. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever? Well, so given below is a list of suchlike beautiful bathrooms and tubs, from people who have it all figured out. We do not say we are envious of them, but we sure do wish we had the same luxury as them. And we know, you might share our emotions, but that's the fun, right?

9. Bathroom in Spain

Scented candles, blueberry bubble bath and a circular bathtub meant solely for you. Doesn't this sound amazing? This bathtub and bathroom from Spain has taken the bathing experience to a whole new level of comfort, with the modern tub and bathroom. Not only is the entire room a relaxing place to be in, the entire aura is one that impresses upon you a sense of awe. We suggest this for anyone who wishes to improve their bathroom experience and does not shy away from expressing his/her confident side.

8. Bathroom in California

Well, as is evident from the photograph, this bathroom from California is one that has taken upon itself the burden of showcasing what being artistic means. The circular bathtub is inserted well into the flooring of the room so as to create an elegant effect of actually taking a bath beneath the surface of the floor. The tiles and their soft hue concord to the chic design of the bathtub and the overall ambience of the bathroom is accentuated to a much higher degree. We suggest this bathroom and tub for anyone who wishes to get in touch with their artistic side and has a bathroom large enough to do it. Believe us, this is an experience you have been waiting for for your entire life.

7. Bathroom in China

China has given us many things and among them are some beautiful works of furnishing. And the nation has worked its wonders again with this beautiful design for bathroom and circular tub. Adorned with the iconic traditional design of its woodwork and coupled with the modern design for a tub, the room brims with elegance; and for the cherry on top, the soft white hue of the room adds an even more elegant touch to it. We fell in love with this room as soon as we saw it, did you too? The place is perfect for having a relaxed evening, away from the chaos of the outside world and being in touch with your inner-self. Come on, inner-peace.

6. Bathroom in Ireland

Ireland has suffered a lot in the history, and we know the Irish have had a rough time; and they found the perfect way to resolve that, didn't they? This bathroom and tub from Ireland is a classic example of what we have been talking of for so long now. The elegant circular tub in the middle, with an overhead shower head and the classy interior of walnut/mahogany shade, fits in perfectly with the quirky red lights at the bottom of the rub, and present an altogether modernised view of bathroom experience. It is evident, anyone would love to spend an afternoon or evening in this tub, have a chilled drink perhaps and enjoy its comfort. Yes, seems like we have started envying the person who has this.

5. Bathroom in Vietnam

Vietnam: famous for its rich culture, exotic locations, ethnic designs and architecture; and now this. This beautiful bathroom and circular tub from a place in Vietnam is elegant to its very core. The marbled tub blends in easily with the wooden and marbled (and tiled, they are diverse!) interior of the room, and the window at the front, is just a delightful addition to the entire experience. Imagine being in this tub, with no one around, watching the outside view and just relishing in the comfort of this room. Wouldn't it be amazing?

4. Bathroom in Italy

Italy is acclaimed for its chic and elegant architecture, and here is yet another example of it. The modern design of the bathroom is apparent through its use of white shade for the walls and flooring; the white bathtub with its contorted circular frame and the glass window-cum-door at the front speak of the profound thought that has gone into the making of this room. To top it all off, the windows let ample amount of sunlight enter the room and be an even more relaxing experience for the person inside it. Yes, this room is iconic and legendary to its most rudimentary of concepts, and we surely do love it.

3. Bathroom in Slovenia

Okay so this, is something taken to an entirely different level and there is no other way to say this, but to say we love this design. This beautiful bathroom and circular tub from Slovenia aim at fortifying your bathroom experience and wish to help you relax to every tensed muscle that you have. The soft hue of wooden interior, along with the ornamentation through a slight foliage and the modernised bathtub along with the tiled structure of the room, take the bathroom's decor to an exciting new level of elegance. The key here is that the window in front, and the glass beside the tub, are a comforting site and it is easy to imagine relaxing in here, isn't it?

2. Bathroom in San Francisco

Isn't this just so beautiful? The rustic yet modernised design is visible in every inch of this room, and the charcoal shade of the tub only adds to the overall effect of the room. Modern day ways of relaxing are heavily based on the hue of the room you take comfort in and the ambience of it. This bathroom is the ideal way to resolve all your tensions for you with its dark, countryside-like bathtub and the soft shade of the interior. We suggest this design for anyone who wishes to take that extra time towards modernising their bathing experience.

1. Quasi-Waterfall

We  all love nature and from time to time seek a refuge out into the comfort of nature. Then why not try to bring that experience home? What we mean by this is evident in the photograph. The overhead shower provides you a quasi-waterfall experience, and the teak-like wooden interior is bound to give you the reminiscence of a natural getaway. The sea facing aspect of this room intensifies its overall characteristic of elegance, and the final result is one in which you are sure to feel relaxed.

So, there you go, people. Nine different bathroom and circular bathtub designs from around the world (and concepts), that are bound to be a comforting place for anyone who visits them. We say this with the utmost of reverence, that these places have our heart and having a bath in these tubs is surely a nice way to kick-off the exertion we so reward ourselves with.

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