10 Amazing Book Shelf Designs

If you are a bookworm, then you will know how special a place do books hold in our rooms. Even if you are not a bookworm, then again there is no reason why you should not read this article. Book shelves are increasingly becoming a style segment for people who want the decor of their home to look chic all the time. Having an amazing bookshelf in your home will not only add elegance to your home but will also make you look smarter.
Let us read some books by picking them up from some of the most amazing bookshelves we have around the world.

12. Books are for books.
What can be better than your old books supporting the new ones. Using a wall stud and presto, you can have a book or two fixed to the wall, to create a flat surface for you to place your books on. This forms a kind of invisible book shelf and gives an appearance that your books are floating in the air. This is the Conceal Bookshelf which has won numerous awards and has a maximum stack height of 16 inches. This imaginative and ingenious bookshelf can be the perfect match for a book-lover like you.

11. Out of the wall
This bookshelf is designed in such a way that it appears as if it has come straight out of the wall, tearing it apart. The sleek design extends up to the ceiling and provides enough space for you to keep all your books. Moreover, the colour combination of the wall and the surfaces in the shelf make it look quite futuristic too. This bookshelf also has the facility of lighting, such that at night when the entire room is darkened, the bookshelf can be left glowing and illuminated using lights in the shelf.

10. Categorisation
This bookshelf will help you to categorise your books quite well. Many a times, we forget which books we have read and what all have to be read. But this bookshelf makes the thing look like a cakewalk. Whenever you buy a new book, place it in the “Will be read” shelf. When it is over, place it in “Has been read” shelf. This simple yet artistic bookshelf is minimalist in design and helps to categorise the books like no other shelf.

9. The pipelines
This bookshelf is called The Corner Industrial Bookshelf and is made of iron piping. This bookshelf will add a tinge of history and character in the place where it is installed and will make your home look quite urban too. There will hardly be any home that will have such a kind of bookshelf. And no one will ever think of having pipes as shelves for books. But the picture shows how cool it looks to keep the books on the pipes.

8. Equilibrium
The Equilibrium bookcase is a modern design of bookshelf. Several cantilevered modules are placed over each other at a single angled point. It creates amusement in viewers and excitement in owners like no other bookshelf. And don’t think that the compartments will lose balance. The floating compartments can hold 120 lbs of weight together. Bring home this bookshelf to keep your books and magazines in a tilted fashion.

7. Booktree
What is a better way to show the progress you are making in reading books than to actually depict it as a tree growing up? The Booktree bookshelf is an amazing concept that has a minimalist design and allows you to keep books in all the angles. You can keep them tilted or even straight. The bookshelf keeps all books in a categorised manner and uniformly. Moreover, we can multiple Booktrees installed on the walls and each can be of varying size to give a natural feeling to the collection of these bookshelves.

6. The real bookworm
If you call yourself a bookworm, then why not show it as well? You just don’t need to have ‘bookworm’ in your character but also on your walls. This bookshelf design mimics the shape of a worm and with books placed over it in a stacked fashion, it deserves to be called nothing else than ‘bookworm’. The Kartell Bookworm shelf has been designed by Ron Arad. The use of extrusion technology has been instrumental in creating this curvy bookcase which gives the case an amazing look along with strength and sturdiness.

5. Read and Check
Remember we had a bookshelf where you could categorise the books which you have read from the ones you have not. This bookcase design also does the same for you. The bookshelf is designed out of wood and is shaped like a check mark. The books which you have read can be kept on the shelf to symbolise the books that have been completed. The design of a checkbox on the wall gives it a more authentic look. Just imagine the day you will have a large collection of books on this shelf. What a proud moment that will be! Moreover, you can have a column of such bookcases on the wall, which makes it look like you have a form on the wall.

4. Bookseat
What if you could just sit and pick books from your seat on the go? This is exactly what this bookcase provides you with. You can simply sit on the bookcase and enjoy reading on the curves of the wood. This bookshelf does two jobs at a time and is a perfect fit for small homes where multipurpose furniture is the norm of the day. It was mentioned as the “top must sees” in the Toronto International Design Show 2008 and was also honoured with the Best Design at Montreal’s International Design Show, SIDIM, 2008. Fishbol is the designer of this bookcase.

3. Latterkast
There is nothing that can better describe your love for words that letter arranged in a haphazard manner on the wall of your room. This bookcase is just a collection of life sized letters arranged in a way that it gives a modern and futuristic touch to the collection of books. You can place books in stacked fashion, tilted manner or even in a random order.

2. Uniformity at its best
For some book lovers, uniformity of design matters a lot. To them, it signifies clarity of mind and simplicity. And this is exactly what this bookshelf also symbolises. This design is quite minimalist and it ensures that your books are visible only when the bookshelf is looked at from a particular angle.

1. Tatic
This bookcase is again a bookcase-cum-seat. You can sit cosily in the seat enjoying your favourite novel while the entire bookcase rests attached to you like you remain glued to your books. Tembolat Gugkaev is the designer of this bookcase.

So, our book lovers, which bookcase are you bringing to your study room today? Make a choice quickly.

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