World of Architecture is an online blog founded in 2012 with one goal, to collect information and pictures of architectural projects around the globe and share them with the readers. 

Founder and owner of World of Architecture is young student Dino Vabec who graduated from High School of Engineering, Architecture and Design. At the moment he is studying Business Management in Zadar, Croatia, trying to reach his Master of Business Administration degree.

You can reach Dino on Google+Linked InPinterest and Facebook or through an e-mail,  

What readers said about World of Architecture:

"What an awesome site. Have just spent over two hrs looking and sharing. Love it !!!"
          -Nancy Sebry

"Love your page! So innovative and unique, the designs from around the world."
          -Jeff K Didham

"A beautiful page, thank you from Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina"
          -Patricia Viglione


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